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Hello Everyone!


We have never owned a BC before and we plan on getting a female within the next month. She will be 8 weeks when she arrives and we are keen to know if any of you have any ideas on how to make it easy for her to settle in. We left an old rag with the breeder so that when we pick her up she will have the usual smells around and will keep her inside at night. BUT we are anxious that she may cry at night. Also, we are keen to know how to toilet train?


Lastly, does anyone know of any celtic names for her?


With thanks.

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The best way to potty train your pup is to use a crate. When we are leaving the house and at night we put her in her "room" (crate aka cage). It is based on the premise that dogs will not go in their own den. Ofcourse a new puppy can only hold it for so long. Our girl sleeps about 6 hours at night and then needs to be let outside, sometimes at 4 a.m. She is almost ten weeks old and she is doing very well. Only a few accidents a week now. Good Luck!

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I don't know if you've gotten any books about dogs, or border collies specifically, but that would be a good place to start. I always suggest "The Art of Raising a Puppy" by the monks of New Skete. It gives you more than a 'cookbook' approach to things and gets into understanding your dog and their behavior and how to effectively communicate with your puppy.


As far as potty training goes you have to be ever watchful for a while. When you can't have an eye on what your dog is doing she should be in a crate. As soon as you take her out of the crate immediately take her outside to where you want her to go. If she does her business praise her if she doesn't take her back in and try again a little later. When you correct her for accidents it has to be while she's IN THE ACT. Then scoop her up and take her outside to where she'd supposed to go. After the fact corrections don't teach your dog anything because they can't associate the correction with something they did 5 minutes ago. Anyway this is all stuff you can get in a good puppy book so I'd suggest you start there.


Good Luck!!



Sabre and BC Gus

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Get a crate, crate training is the best way for housebreaking a pup! Make sure you let your pup out at night to go pee and stuff!


Dont let the pup out if it is whining or crying, ignore her protests and she will learn to like her crate. It only took 2 or 3 nights for Dakota to stop his crying, then he only cried when he needed to go pee!


Now my pup loves his crate and he uses it when there is loud noises, he will go in it when he needs security.


It also helps to get the pup on a schedule, try to do things the same every day. It will help bring some security for the pup.


I used to get up and hand feed my pup after letting him out, then play with him. He normally would nap again, so I would put him in his crate, go to work for 3 hours, come home, take him out, give him a snack, then take him for a walk.


Puppies that young need alot of sleep as well, so let them nap if they need to, you may even have to put them down for a nap.


Get into a good training class early after all his/her shots. Make sure you go to a class that uses positive reinforcement, and not the kind that uses a choke collar!!


It is alot of work to raise a puppy, but if you can devote alot of time early on with the young one, you can fend off many behavior problems!


Lots of help and good articles on the web as well.

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As for names, search the Web under something like "celtic dog names" or "gaelic dog names." I found a really good site once, but it will take me a while to dig out the pages I printed to get the address for you. I searched using one of the aforementioned searches and found lots of stuff.



Julie, Indy, Willoughby (Willow), Finn, and Farleigh

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Here's some of my favorite names from Irish Mythology.

Enjoy :rolleyes:


Ronan : Irish druid who lived alone in the forest and was werewolf.


Anu : Other name of Dana, mother of gods, goddess of prosperity. With Babd and Macha, she makes the fate?s triad.


Banshee : that means " woman of the sidh ". She is the protector spirit of a family or a clan. She advise, by crying, when death is coming. It?s too the name they give, in some Irish counties, to witches and medicine women.


Conn : Art?s father, Cormac?s grandfather, high king of Tara, he was loved for the prosperity, the justice and the happiness that he had given to his people. Lugh gave him the sovereignty cup in the Other World. But, becoming widowed, he married Becuna the Evil and Ireland became barren. Art, coming back from exile, succeeded to rise the spell.

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Definitly use the crate, like everyone says.

Keep in mind, she will Cry!! It's going to sound like she's dieing. You have to ignore it. She will stop in a few days. Good luck, she will definitly be your new best friend. My Roxy is 8 months now, and I cant imagine life without her.



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