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i need help traning my collie

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I have a border collie who is three months old and amazingly she does really good about not going to the bathroom in the house, but she has other problems I need help with. When she plays she gets overly aggressive to the point of growling and biting and at this point she has some very sharp teeth that can do some damage. And when she's in this mode she doesn't seem to listen to any commands she thinks every tap or push is a sign that you want to play more. What I'm asking is if someone had the same problem to tell me how you fixed it or give me a site that has a specialized way to train border collies.


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Make sure your puppy is getting plenty of naps, 3 months still sleep a great deal.


Dakota used to get wild when he was tired, so I put him in crate, and usually he would fall right to sleep in seconds and when he came out, he was much better.


The other thing that worked for me with Dakota was hand feeding him, at least once a day. I waited till he looked at me, then I fed him a kibble, when he looked at me again, I fed him another kibble and so on. This helps to establish YOUR leadership and it also teached your puppy to look to you for everything. I think in your case this would be most helpful because he is not paying attention to you.


Also make sure you use the bite inhibition excerises with her. Yelp or ouch really loudly when she nips you. if she backs down even for a split second, it means she understands, this method works, but like I said remember when she backs down or submits in any way, it means she understands. Keep doing this when you play and evetually she will not nip you.


If she gets too hyper when you play, simply withdraw ALL attention from her and walk away. She needs to learn to play nicely.


This is not a quick fix but if your consistant she will understand. Dakota was such a handfull at 3 months old, but now at 7 months old he is a well behaved puppy!!!

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Another good thing to try is also when your dog nips you or bites you the game immediately stops! The game is the highlight of her life right now and the worst thing that could ever happen is that game stopping so she'll do anything to keep you playing. As soon as she bites you just walk away, drop any toy oranything and walk. And about the obedience thing, since she loves to play what u should do is when it's "playtime" make her do a sit, or a down (do the same command for a few days till she knows it reallly well) and then you can play. good luck!

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