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  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!! I FOUND A CLASS FOR MY DOG, OBEDIENCE/ AGILITY! Do u have any advice about things I need other then my dog, such as a leash, food, ect.?
  2. Another good thing to try is also when your dog nips you or bites you the game immediately stops! The game is the highlight of her life right now and the worst thing that could ever happen is that game stopping so she'll do anything to keep you playing. As soon as she bites you just walk away, drop any toy oranything and walk. And about the obedience thing, since she loves to play what u should do is when it's "playtime" make her do a sit, or a down (do the same command for a few days till she knows it reallly well) and then you can play. good luck!
  3. i agree, obedience is definately a must when entering an agility class. That would really stink if you've been waiting for this agility class forever and you don't have the basic obedience to enjoy it.
  4. Yeah! I found a class for me and my dog. The owner was so impressed with my dogs obedience that she put us right into a beginner agility class! We can't wait till our first day of class!
  5. my dog Licky has this thing that she likes to do. We have a beagle also and everyone knows how they howl. My B/C enjoys immitating and making fun of the beagle by trying to do a crappy impression of it. I used this, whenever she would do this I would give her a treat and lots of pets. She ended up doing this as a greeting to me so I taught her to do it along with her bye bye wave now my dog stands there and is howling like a beagle and waving. it's hysterical!
  6. Okay, this is a veeeerrrry serious problem you have on your hands here. I'm not quite sure how to handle it, not knowing the details of everything, but it doesn't sound like u know too many yourself not having witnessed it. What were you doing with your dog and neice when this occured? And the time before what were u doing? I'm not sure what was happening but since you weren't watching was the dog provoked in any way? How did you handle it after both times, I know this time you were probably most worried about your neice. Is she okay? Try and add a little more detail in on this, what was the dogs reaction after this happened. I know with my B/C there were a few of these occurences. I was sitting at my computer with one of my other teenage friends and my dog put her front paws up on our laps and we were petting her and all of a sudden she raised her scruff growled and bit my friend right in the face. Thank god she wasn't hurt but I know what I did was I immediately grabbed my dog by the scruff, shook her and was growling at her and very firmly saying, "Bad dog, No! That was BAD!" Then my dog was put out into our yard by herself and let to simmer down for a good 45 minutes. Afterwards she was looked at with shame from the pack, (aka. Me, my friends and my mother and father)She walked around with her head down the whole night. The only other time she's every snapped after that was while lying on my bed I gave her a pat and she went to bite my face, I repeated the same thing and kicked her out of my room. After that on another occasion on my bed she went to do this, but after the growling she double thought and just slid off my bed and left by herself. Sorry about my babbling on and on and on but biting is a very serious manner and shoud not be takin lightly especially after such a malace bite to need stitches.
  7. I may have missed something but I have no clue what you guys are talking about, what is flyball?
  8. I agree, my B/C would usually drop it on the ground, which is okay sometimes, but when I'm tired and really just don't feel like walking over to where she left it I want the ball in my hand. Licky is crazy about fetch so the worst torture in the world is me not throwing it. I waited her out for a while and finally she got it. It way take a little while to wait out these dogs, I know Licky got mad at me sometimes and would go to the top of the stairs drop the ball down and then play fetch with herself for a little while, but thank god that got boring for her so with an outstreached hand she understood. Just be patient and always keep it fun!
  9. This might be getting a bit repetitive at this point but the fast down is the best. My BC is the most hyperactive dog on this planet. But we made sure she knew the fast down. It's almost comical to see her running around like a lunitic and then when I call, "Licky down!" she jams on the breaks and lies down. When your training I suggest that u use words and hand signals. The hand signal that my trainer has me practice is have your hand flat with you palm facing outwards and hold it infront of you. -Hoppe this helps ------------------
  10. Hi Zebbie, I have a three year old B/C and she is so obedient in the house. She has always slept on the bottom of my bed so when we are in my room I can tell her to stay there and go do something and come back and she's still there, but as soon as we go outside she blows me off. If I have her tennis ball in my hand she is better though. Going threw obsticles she is still hyper and unresponsive though. So what I have been doing lately is bringing in small obsticles such as a tunnel (right now a cardboard box) and getting it down while inside the house where she is calm. Once she has this obsticles down very well I will take it outside, and hopefully she will be more attentive about it. Hope this was of some help, Licky.
  11. I have been starting agility training with my 3 yr. old B/C and I was wondering just how long does the dog have to stay in the down position on the table? All answers will be well appreciated, Thank you
  12. Hi everyone, I have a 2 yr. old B/C bitch and she's very talented in agilty. she's an awesome jumper and she loves to do it, even if I don't want her to do it. Before I knew too much about agility I had her jump obsticles and such for fun. She loves it. But today in our little training session on my beach I set up a sort of homemade tunnel, it was just kindof like a lil' net that was perched up so she could go under it. I was trying to introduce her in tunnels. When I would introduce her to going under, she had no problem with that but when she started getting excited over it, she would jump over the whole tunnel (she's a very good jumper it was about 5') and I didn't know whether to praise her or to correct her. I ended up being confused and ending the excercise. Any suggestions whould be well appreciated, Thank you, Licky
  13. Hi everybody, I am very in to agility training for my dog and i have created a BB. Please visit my BB and enjoy it. Thank you, http://pub7.ezboard.com/bhorsesanddogs75849
  14. Hi everybody, My name is Aoife and I have a dog named Licky. She is a very talented jumpers and will do anything for praise. She is a two year old, short haired Border Collie. I wanted to do this all right so I was looking for some advice on how I misght introduce serious agility training to her and what excercise would be good. Thanks a million for your time, Aoife and Licky.
  15. Let me tell you, I've had the same problem with my dog too. When outside, I'm not even there. Which I can find very dangerous if there is another dog there and I couldn't call a command to her such as "come". All dogs are different but what I tried with my Border Collie is taking her to the beach off the leash, with a tennis ball, which she loves. Get them into the game of catch or tag, and then while your dogs playing ask him for a down, sit, ect. and when he does it throw the tennis ball, or some other toy to him softly. It's worked like a charm for me, and I understand where your comming from when you said that a pat on the head isn't enough. My dog doesn't like the pat, she doesn't see it as praise at all. Well I hope I was of some help, bye.
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