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Pet-safe campershell window screen

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Howdy all ~


I've a somewhat odd question ... I've got a new-to-me 2005 Ford Ranger with a high-rise camper shell identical to this one:




I've seen camper shells with "pet safe" metal screens in the camper windows, but I've only found them sold by Leer. This camper is a Vision, not a Leer, so I wondered ... does anybody know if those metal mesh pet screens will fit different makes of camper shells? Or is there anyplace that sells after-market metal mesh screens?


When I'm traveling I crate my dogs back there, but when I'm at a trial, I'll just let them be loose in the back of the camper. However, the flimsy screens that campers come with tear so easily that I'm looking for a sturdier replacement.


Any help? Thanks in advance! :)


~ Gloria

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Like this?




I got mine about ten years ago at the cap dealer where I got my topper (SnugTop) for my previous truck. They called it a security screen, and it's screwed on in the interior. When I sold my old truck, I took it off and put it on the new one. Easy peasy.

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Laurae, that is EXACTLY what I mean! :)


Leer called them Pet Screens, but theirs are vinyl-coated steel mesh. Here is what Leer's product look like:



I've seen them on camper shells for full-sized trucks, made of good steel mesh. But I got my truck used, so the camper shell just came with it, as-is.


So, I guess I should just check out some local camper dealerships, right? :) Thanks, by the way!



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