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I may be a bit late but what is flyball?

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Flyball is a sport played in teams of usually 4 dogs. The dog runs a short straight course to a box, puts it's foot on a pedal [don't know technical names as we don't participate]. This action flings a ball into the air. The dog catches the ball and heads back to it's owner. Sometimes the game is played with a set of 2 or 3 hurdles which the dog must jump both ways. Here we call it Flygility. As I do Agility with my dogs I have been advised not to do Flygility as the hurdle height and set up is different.

Hope this helps.

Val and the girls.

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If you have not seen flyball then it wont mean much to hear about it. When you see the dogs running full tilt and jumping the hurdles then returning with the ball in their mouths, ......it is very exciting and VERY fastpaced. It's a relay race really, one dog starts and jumps like 4 jumps pops the ball from the box then runs back over the jumps then the next dog goes, it is really exciting to watch and the dogs LOVE it. Like I said you cant really get a feel for it unless you see it in action. If you have ever seen Breed all about it on Animal Planet, when they have the special on Border collies, it shows them doing flyball and it is just fun to watch, and fun for the dogs!

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