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In our obedience class we were taught the fast down by doing this exercise. With your dog on a leash, play around and get all excited then suddenly give the command 'down'. At first with Pepsi I had to put my finger on the floor for her to respond, but she soon cottoned on. We also did this for a fast sit and present. Isa is like Siena in that she stops dead with the 'wait' command.

Regards, Val and the girls

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Sorry Zebbie, I didn't make myself clear [thunder storm brewing over here and my head is stuffy]

Basically we used a fast sit exercise because at obedience [not agility] trials your dog has to sit immediately you come to a halt in the heelwork. A 'present' is when your dog sits in front of you towards the end of a recall. I do agree with Kathleen that a fast down is a life saver and your dog should be taught this anyway regardless of whether or not you are considering going on to participate in canine activities. [crumbs! did I just swallow a dictionary or what]

Regards, Val and her girls



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HI guys,


I think what also may be confusing, is that Val is in the UK, and waht you call the excersizes is different than what we say here in the US.

Of course to anyone not doing any kind of obedince its all confusing!

The "present" to you, we call "front".


As for the fast down,like everyone has said, it is a great idea to have no matter what you do with your dog.

The first thing out of my mouth when dogs are running, playing or chasing somehting is LIE DOWN! Even if they don't actually down, as long as they stop is fine with me!



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This might be getting a bit repetitive at this point but the fast down is the best. My BC is the most hyperactive dog on this planet. But we made sure she knew the fast down. It's almost comical to see her running around like a lunitic and then when I call, "Licky down!" she jams on the breaks and lies down. When your training I suggest that u use words and hand signals. The hand signal that my trainer has me practice is have your hand flat with you palm facing outwards and hold it infront of you.

-Hoppe this helps



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