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Rescue in central OK?

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What people or groups would be good contacts for rescuers in central OK? I have a friend who's had a couple dogs pawned off on him because people knew he had herding dogs (he has some dogs he uses to work his cattle and sheep with). One dog was just dumped off here. And while he doesn't mind feeding them, it's kind of a shame for these guys to just spend the rest of their lives sitting in kennels. There are three dogs, all three very sweet and friendly.

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Thanks Julie, I'll email them after work.


The one dog is maybe an aussie cross, The dog looks like a border collie but he has a half tail. So either someone did a terrible job of docking it, it got hurt, or the dog has the natural bob tail gene in there somewhere lol. The dog was found wandering on the ranch last year, none of the neighbors would claim him so it's assumed he was dumped off by someone. He seems pretty young. Second dog is probably about five years old, he's been at the ranch two years, a lady at the vet clinic in town owned him. She thought he nipped her daughter (the way the story was relayed to me it didn't sound like the lady was really sure he nipped the kid or not and the rancher seems to think the lady just wanted rid of the dog) so asked the rancher if he'd take him until she had a better way to keep him kenneled at her house. lol and like I said, that's been two years ago. Third dog is a little female, might be around two years old, that came here last year after the owner passed away and the family didn't want to keep the dog.

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