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M BC in IA needing a rescue

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Crossposting...this kind person needs to find a rescue or home for Bentley as soon as possible. Can someone please help her.



Bentley is a two year old male border collie. He was dumped in the country about a month and a half ago. We do not have an animal shelter in our county yet, so if the sheriff is called for a stray they are shot on site. This means if I get called first the dog has a chance. Bentley had found his way to an older couples house in the country. They did not want a dog and were worried about their outside cats. Bentley was very content laying on their porch and greeting cars. However he had very little, ok no manners which meant jumping, grabbing, nipping,and pushing. I agreed to take him hoping to find him a forever home and So he would not be shot.


He went directly to the vets office to be fixed and updated on shots and heartworm checked. When we were in the office they scanned him revealing a microchip. When the owner was contacted he said he was no longer responsible for the dog. He said he gave him to some lady in the country although he didn't know her name, where he had taken him, or exactly when it was. After doing some research I found that Bentley was pretty much neglected most of his life he was obtained when he was about 3 months old had initial vet work, microchipped then basically only fed after that. Supposedly he has not been around, cats or kids but would occasionally play with a neighbor dog and was not allowed in the house.


After his vaccinations and surgery he came back to my boarding kennel. He initially showed some food aggression, although we have been working on that and has done very well. He has never had an accident in the kennel. They get out 5-6 times a day. He would much rather have belly rubs than eat, now that he knows he will be fed. He would play with a ball all day, I am working on release and it is going well. The last couple days I have been introducing him to a couple of my reliable dogs and he has done well around them but does not seem to understand how to play yet. He is quite a busy body and needs a job to do. He is very eager to please and wants to learn new things. He knows sit, and down, but thats about it so far. I think he is a very smart dog but needs someone who knows the breed or at least has the time and understanding to work with him.


I just do not have the time for him he needs, I have 17 other strays and rescues at this time and there are more calls every week. My boarding kennel and my full time job ( I am a teacher) supports all the vet trips,vaccinations, spays, nueters, food, frontline, heart gard, etc. financially. But they keep me very busy and Bentley needs lots of attention and time. He is a great boy I just want to give him the best chance at a forever home possible. The border collie rescue group asks many questions I do not know about him, and I don't want to set him or them up for failure. I will try submitting it though. Please let me know if there is any one you know of that can give him the life he deserves.


Thank You,

Tracie Hovden

Dream Chaser Acres Pet Resort

1325 River Rd Blvd

Independence, IA 50644





Please feel free to call me any time.

319 464-6570

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What a handsome fellow. I'm sorry I can't help him but I do hope he gets into a BC rescue. Thank you for taking care of him. I hope the first owners NEVER get another dog!

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