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  1. ALABAMA (North Central) Name: Beth Ann Best way to contact: email (bethannziebarth@yahoo.com) or cell phone... please e-mail me to get number, Location: Grant, AL which is 30 min south of Huntsville Distance willing to travel: 3 to 4 hours Vehicle: Ford Explorer Extra Crates: Yes Pull from shelter: Yes Hold overnight: Yes Times Available: Anytime, retired. A couple days notice is appreciated I will also be glad to do home visits. [transferred to database]
  2. I don't have any info on the dog. There is no activity I can see of on the Border Collie Rescue Boards re this dog. I did send an email to the person listed in the post with no reply yet. I hope someone can help her. I'm in North Alabama and can help with transport or temp foster.
  3. Crossposting: Shreveport, LA: "Does anyone know any border collie rescues? I was contacted today by a lady who found a blue merle border collie covered in fleas and ticks. They discovered that she is pregnant (near full term) and she has asked me to find her a rescue or foster home. They said she is shy but sweet. Please contact me at beckysbridge@yahoo.c‚Äčom if you can help her - she doesn't want to take her to the pound but she said she'll have to if we can't find a place for her." Sally at Hulls Haven has agreed to take her if she can get to Canada. Can anyone help???
  4. Crossposting...this kind person needs to find a rescue or home for Bentley as soon as possible. Can someone please help her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bentley is a two year old male border collie. He was dumped in the country about a month and a half ago. We do not have an animal shelter in our county yet, so if the sheriff is called for a stray they are shot on site. This means if I get called first the dog has a chance. Bentley had found his way to an older couples house in the country. They did not want a dog an
  5. If you can help Patch please contact Martha. Patch is a border collie mix in our local animal shelter. He is one year old, not neutered and housebroken. This is a high kill shelter and animals are euthanized every day for space. If you need more info on him just let me know. I am the contact at mmshaffer@king.edu or cell # 423-502-0995. Thanks so much! This dog is located near Bristol, TN.
  6. Yes, Jake went to Mid-Atlantic rescue. Thank you again Mid-Atlantic for taking this boy.
  7. Jake is still available for adoption, here is his webpage: http://www.bethann.us/jake.alabama. The family wanting him had small children so the rescue did not adopt him out. I visited Jake yesterday at the rescue. During the daytime Jake has free run of the facility with several other male dogs. Upon my arrival he came up to me, cautiously, for pets and belly rubs. After a few minutes he followed me everywhere. Jake was apparently lost when the tornadoes hit N AL in the spring. He was found by a woman who gave him to a man. The man brought him to the rescue because Jake was scar
  8. Jake is a adult boarder collie who needs help getting adopted. He is utd shots,health cert etc The rescue is looking for a foster family or adopter. contact Kathy Pawsandclaws4b@yahoo.com I trying to network this guy, he came to PawsandClaws4B rescue, in N Alabama, from the tornadoes in Tuscaloose, Alabama and needs help getting adopted. There isn't much traffic for BCs where he's at. Again you can email me bethannziebarth@yahoo.com or Pawsandclaws4b@yahoo.com Thanks, Beth Ann
  9. No brown spots. He does have a large scar in the middle of his forehead and alot of white ticking around the jaw and head. Estimate is he is around 3 yrs.
  10. Thanks for all the wonderful info. I totally agree, it is how he works not how he looks. With my limited experience he is all Border Collie. This is why I am so excited. I've done rescue for about 8 years now and have seen all kinds of looks, personalities and energy levels. This guy is a gem. In the house he is ever so gentle, kind and has manners (except for counter surfing) and around livestock he doesn't see or think of anything else. At home when it is potty time I do have to make sure all the other dogs are in the house so he will focus on the task at hand. Thanks for yo
  11. My current foster dog, Bo, is very interested in sheep so I might keep him. The other day a friend of mine asked me what he was mixed with..'his head isn't shaped like a BC' she said. Then another person told me they say pit in him. My feeling was he is pure. It really doesn't matter to me because he likes sheep and I like him. I just wanted to get other opinions. Here is his webpage: http://www.bethann.us/bo You can send me a reply privately. Thanks, Beth Ann in IA
  12. Wildflower, Thank you for taking the time to see if your friend could help. Julie, Thanks for the suggestion to check the database, there isn't anyone listed for IL Diana, I did post on bcrescue.org, but no one stepped forward. Todd's Mom, Thanks for the offer. I've decided to drive the six hours and get him myself. Plan to pick him up this coming Wednesday in Champaign, IL. The shelter is driving him two hours north to help me out. Another BC saved!!!
  13. I am desperate for advice/help in trying to rescue Bow, a male BC, from a very overcrowded shelter in Robinson, IL. I live in Ames,IA and Robinson, IL is 8 hours from me. Does anyone know of any transports or volunteers that could pull this guy and possibly transport to Peoria, IL. Bow is a 4 yr old smooth coated neutered male that is fully vetted. He was an owner surrender and the shelter tells me he is fine with other dogs. If anyone can help or has suggestions please email me asap. This is urgent as Bow has been at the shelter since March. Beth Ann bethannziebarth@y
  14. Missy is located in a rural shelter in Vinton, IA which is near Cedar Rapids. She has been at the shelter for 5 months and is running out of time. The shelter has given me two months to get her info out on the internet to see if there is a rescue or home that will take her. I've done an evaluation and found that she is very toy and food motivated and wants to work. She would make a great sports companion. She is a dominate female and will need an experienced handler. A home without cats is also recommended. If you can help Missy please contact dfriendsoftheshelter@yahoo.com or
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