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My puppy gets hyper when training

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He is 4 months old right now. He loves to learn. He is not fully BC, he is BC and ACD.

He goes for daily walks and I train him daily with his tricks. I have taught him to jump over low obstacles, and we have a very small teeter totter and a-frame out back. The problem is he gets very excited when I try to run him through the small course, and he ends up jumping on me and pulling on his leash. Will this behavior get better the older he gets? Is it just puppy behavior that makes him almost forget what I want him to do??

When I train him through his tricks he is very good and attentive but when we add the element of running he gets very excited. Any suggetions or will this be outgrown? You may also email me if you want.

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Hi Zebbie,

I have a three year old B/C and she is so obedient in the house. She has always slept on the bottom of my bed so when we are in my room I can tell her to stay there and go do something and come back and she's still there, but as soon as we go outside she blows me off. If I have her tennis ball in my hand she is better though. Going threw obsticles she is still hyper and unresponsive though. So what I have been doing lately is bringing in small obsticles such as a tunnel (right now a cardboard box) and getting it down while inside the house where she is calm. Once she has this obsticles down very well I will take it outside, and hopefully she will be more attentive about it. Hope this was of some help, Licky.

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I'm sure your pup will grow out of this. Any time you add running and playing into training your bound to end up with an excited dog. Even my dog who is 1 yr. gets excited and acts goofy when we do a fast heeling excercise. My suggestion would be that if your pup gets totally out of control and won't listen at all to take him away from the equipment, settle him down and then try again later. You can also try doing a re-call in between the obstales and making him sit before you send him to another but at his age it might be a little too much for him.

Good Luck



Albion, IN

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