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Kaida was spayed yesterday and our vet was almost forced to not do the op as she refused to go under for it. While she was still under the anaesthesia threshold he said he had to give her 2 regular doses and then an iv type. Needless to say she's way groggy still, but at least she can walk properly today.


I was wondering if anyone else had any similar issues? Our vet said he's only had 2 other dogs like that and they were labs. Is there a type of anaesthesia that's best for bc's? Any anaesthesia that should be avoided? Just want to make sure if she needs any ops in the future she doesn't have to go through all this again.


Any suggestions on speeding up/ helping her recover? None of our other gals have had such a tough time when they had their ops. I have made sure she has had small amounts of water and food as I know she's queasy and sore so small is best. She's had normal bowel movements..2 accidents but I know that with being groggy it can't be helped. I keep the other gals from bugging her too much and try to make sure she's comfortable. Just want to ask if there is anything else I can do to help. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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I don't know if one type of anaethesia is better for BCs than another - but I do know that each individual animal can react to an 'average dose' differently. I have some livestock and over the years I have had them react to the same relative 'dose' (dose as based on weight) at both ends of the spectrum. From requiring double or more of the normal amount before we saw an effect (and even after that, the animal was up in 15 minutes when usually they remain down, or at least groggy, for about 30 minutes) to an animal that got the normal dose, went under in the normal time frame, but then went so far under that I had to sit with him, elevating his head, for about an hour after the vet was done with the procedure and had left.



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I don't know if one type of anaethesia is better for BCs than another - but I do know that each individual animal can react to an 'average dose' differently.




I always worry about Bear (lab mix) and anesthesia. He has been under three time at three different vets, the first time when he was neutered at 10 months old, then for a thorough ear cleaning at about 5-6 years old, and then for a tooth removal and dental cleaning at 11 years old (last fall). When he had his ears cleaned, Bear was very groggy and unsteady for the whole rest of the day (8+ hours) and when he slept his breathing seemed slower than normal. I kept waking him just to make sure he was in fact still breathing. I was very worried about him (and mad at that vet...they didn't tell me they had to give him more than the normal dose of anesthesia until I called concerned about his grogginess). It was the same when he had his tooth pulled; my current vet kept him longer than planned to keep him an eye on him afterward. When he got home he was still pretty out of it and I laid next to him while he slept because (again) it was hard to tell if he was breathing.


Bear's sister (littermate) on the other hand, was always very quick to recover after anesthesia and was usually begging to go play Frisbee shortly after we got home.

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