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Can Anyone Help This Puppy?

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List of Beautiful Souls in Need of Rescue/Adopters by 4pm Tuesday

Ledger #: 2012-01-170 – “Sassy”

Breed: Collie Mix

Color: Brown / White

Sex: Fema...

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Barrow County Animal Control 616 Barrow Park Dr. Winder, GA 30680 OFFICE 770-307-3012 FAX 770-867-1660 dharper@barrowga.org Contact is by email only please: dharper@barrowga.org. The shelter requests that rescue and adoption applications be received by 4pm on the Tuesday’s. Out of state rescue or adopters: no pull help is needed. Applications are faxed to the shelter, full veterinary care is available at a local clinic and transport to the facility is done by the shelter staff post the approval process. Adoption/rescue fee for vetting is $100 which includes exam, deworming, shots, spay/neuter and microchip. Boarding is available both at the hospital and locally. 501C3 rescues: rescue rates are available for boarding. Transport resource list can be sent if requested via email. To request an application, please email Officer Harper - after shelter hours please email the Barrow Buddies site. Out-of-state Rescues and All Adopters: please request an application from the shelter via email to dharper@barrowga.org. Include ID numbers of animals when available. Applications can also be requested from the Barrow Buddies site after shelter hours. **Euthanization takes place on Wednesdays commencing at 8:00 AM. All animals should be considered at risk and the ability to hold anyone beyond their allotted time is predicated on allowable space at the shelter based on new intakes that come in daily. To save a life, do not delay, The shelter requests, that rescue commitments & adoption application requests be received BEFORE CLOSING on the Tuesday prior to the euth date.post-8398-076950500 1330375695_thumb.jpg

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