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Leslie McDevitt, the author of Control Unleashed, has just released a new DVD through Tawzer Video called "Pattern Games".


The games are intended for the performance dog (any sport) and can be used as part of a foundation with a puppy or new older dog, or with a dog with training experience who needs some assistance with focus, enthusiasm, etc.


The program is clicker based, and for those who have always been interested in using a clicker, but felt too clumsy as a handler, this is a fantastic program to get a start with the clicker in a way that is very new-handler friendly. The starting criteria for both dog and handler is super simple.


If you are more experienced with a clicker, and/or working with this kind of foundation game, you will find that there are countless applications of these simple, yet incredibly valuable games.


I recommend this for anyone who has a dog who struggles with focus and enthusiasm, either in a performance sport, or in general. I also recommend it for anyone who wants to get more experience with use of reinforcement and timing.


The video is very reasonably priced and is available through Tawzer Dog:


Tawzer Dog



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