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Our new puppy is turning out to be a bad influence on Dexter.:huh: We havn`t had problems with Dex destroying things or chewing things he shouldn`t since he was a puppy. Now it seems like we are back to square one and have to keep an eye on both dogs now....arrgh!


I thinks it`s a case of monkey-see-monkey-do. He sees the puppy grab things and now he figures he can to ``they are scolding the pup but not me``. He is stealthy about it as well and will slink in and grab one of our kids toys and slink away thinking he is undetected. (dang smart border collies!).


We spent a lot of time teaching Dex what toys are his and not his and now we have to start all over again.


The fun of having two dogs! (Partners in crime). This picture sums it up....glad we don`t have a cat as well.





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