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Herding training

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There are people here from that area, I am sure.


However, I am wondering, if you are just looking for "things to do" with your dog, if you have considered other dog activities that don't involve livestock - like obedience, agility, tracking, dock-diving, nose work, and so on.


I guess what I am saying is that I, as a stock owner, don't really tend to look on training on livestock as "a fun thing to do" with a dog but rather as something that is done with a goal in mind - either managing one's own livestock or trialing. Training on stock does involve a certain amount of stress on the livestock and so I, personally, don't tend to look at training a dog on stock unless the end goal is to reduce stress while managing stock. That's my opinion, and many people don't share it, and I understand that.


And there's always the fact that working with your dog on stock can lead to that very slippery slope - taking lessons, going to trials, buying a camper to go to trials, getting a few sheep to train at home, getting a farm because you need more sheep (or just fall in love with having sheep), buying a truck for the farm, putting up fencing, getting a livestock guardian dog, building a barn - you get the picture. That's where a $500 puppy can become a half-million dollar dog.


Best wishes!

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Not exactly sure where to ask this question but does anyone know anybody that does herding training in Colorado (around the Denver metro area)? I am looking into options of things to do with Dexter.

Thanks a bunch in advance :D



Cathy Balieu is at Fort Lupton as is Carol Lucero I am not sure if Carol gives Lessons but Cathy does. Sorry not sure how to contact her.

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