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  1. I will be there this weekend. I have a lot to learn while there.
  2. It is. It is fun to watch and very noisy.
  3. It is fun! I think it has increased the closeness of my relationship with Dexter. I think there is a tournament coming up soon...you should go and watch.
  4. 4th lesson tonight went great woot woot
  5. Lessons are not over yet.....tonight will be lesson 4 of 8. We are in beginner lessons..enclosed area and on leash. As far as the distraction issues I think I was a bit frustrated at first, but my trainer gave me good tips of how to work on it....we are still working on it...by playing the look at me game and to engage him in exercises quickly so he doesn't have time to focus in on the other dogs. I constantly try to keep him focused on me...I think I look like a big goofball when I am trying to do this....waving his tug, trying to keep my voice excited. He gets better and better each time w
  6. 3rd lesson and I think we improved by 50%. It was a really good lesson. WOOT!!!!!!
  7. Any ideas on focus gaining exercises I can do with Dexter?
  8. It was definitely interesting last night. A bit frustrating for me because Dexter likes to bark when he sees other dogs moving while I am trying to keep him in a sit. He is also very distracted by the other dogs....can't even get him to focus on me with food. I think I have a great instructor though. Hopefully the more we do it the less distracted he will become.
  9. Tonight Dexter and I go to his first lesson for flyball. I am more nervous then he is.
  10. I also just got an easy walk harness and it has stopped Dexter's pulling
  11. Thank you very much I think he is pretty cute too most of the time. We had a bit of success last night on our walk. We used the easy walk harness and it decreased his pulling and lunging quite a bit. Also got through the area where the video was taken a bit better cause I had his nose in my hand with treats and used "leave it". I also tried to keep myself in between him and the barking dogs.
  12. Thank you all for your wonderful advice. My hubby went and bought the easy walk harness for both of our dogs (we dont really have a problem with our older dog Tinker, but hopefully will help refine her loose leash walk). I will have to think long and hard about Dexter's high value treat, he pretty much goes bonkers for any treat. I'll also try his tug. Practice practice practice practice.
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