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Border Rescue Puppy in New England

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My husband and I are hoping for a border rescue puppy or one that is definitely at least 1/2 border collie. We have been on the search for several months. There are plenty of "border" mixes out there, but their parents look nothing like a border collie. We have always had 1/2 herding breed mixes and were hoping for another, but its been months of no luck searching for a rescue puppy that is at least one parent is a border (which we want for the high drive).


We want a border for the simple reason to run, dog agility and hike with us. We love the herding breeds.


We've have adopted older dogs in the past (as well as puppies), but right now we are at a point we only are interested in a young puppy. We would like the experience of training from "scratch" and all things that are unique to puppy-hood.


Thank you for your input. We have contacted several rescue groups and several that are border-rescue only, but have not had any luck. Getting a rescue puppy is like winning the lottery.

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