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2012 National Sheepdog Finals Dog Sponsorship


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VIP Dog Sponsorship for the 2012 National Sheepdog Finals is now available for purchase on our website at http://sheepdogfinals.org/wordpress1/sponsors/ . Only one sponsorship will be sold per dog so be sure and purchase early to get your dream team!


Geri Byrne

2012 National Sheepdog Finals

Klamath Falls, Oregon

Sept 25-30, 2012




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For the past several years, I have been happy to coordinate some group sponsorships. I'd be happy to do it again this year.


With sponsorships at $125, that would mean five people at $25 each could support the working Border Collie and also show their support to the chosen handler/dog team(s).


Last year, we sponsored contributors to the USBCC boards, Robin French and Bob Stephens. In previous years, we have sponsored other board members as well. I am always open to suggestions for teams to sponsor. Of course, we won't know until later on in the year if our preferred teams will be running but if one we choose does not plan on running, we can choose another team.


Please let me know if you are interested in being involved (email me at susan dot rayburn at gmail dot com). An email is easier for me to keep track of and easier for me to reply to.


Thank you, Geri, for all you do over the years to help put on and promote a quality National Sheepdog Finals!


PS - I also collect group sponsorships for the National Cattledog Finals so if anyone is interested in being a part of that, you can let me know and I will get back to you when it's time-appropriate to act on that.

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