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Flea Preventative and Vaccinations


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So I was reading up on some different things and would LOVE all your opinions...


I have been looking around at what flea preventative is best and I just seen something called Comfortis, is this any good for BC's and does it work well?


Also what vaccines do you give you BC's? Willow just got the main shots this year but now I've been reading that I should have gotten her other shots like the one for Lepto? She does go to the dog park and have caught her a few times drinking out of the standing water. I of course don't want her to but she runs so darn fast to catch her before she does.


Thank you!

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Vaccinations won't help against a lot of things dogs can get from standing water.


Whether you need lepto depends on how much at risk your dog is of coming into contact with it. A city dog in a house free of mice would be at less risk than a dog that regularly comes into contact with rodents while outdoors.


We live in Tick Central (we just pulled one off our dog yesterday, yep, and we've had a lot of hard frosts, and yep, he has a tick collar and we also use a topical preventative). He goes on lots of off-leash walks in the woods, and also is taking lessons on sheep, so is at high risk of exposure to ticks. So we do vaccinate our dog for Lyme disease.


There is some risk with every vaccine, and IMO most dogs are over-vaccinated. I don't vaccinate for Bordatella or canine influenza, and doubt I'll repeat distemper or parvo vaccinations for several years at this point, as evidence indicates that immunities to these persist for several years.

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