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I am rescuing a dog who has been in and out of abusive households for almost 3 years. She was tied up to a tree for the first year of her life! She is the sweetest dog and loves people and dogs. She even LOVES children. She deserves a way better life!


I have found a perfect household for her. She will be going to Alaska to live with my close friends Brian and Heidi, who own and run the Pawsitive Synergy Flyball team. They have 2 other BC's and know how to deal with behavioral problems.


My friends and I are trying to raise funds for her airfare (from Washington to Alaska) and the health check at the vet. We have a really great dog community here and have been receiving donations, but it isn't enough yet. So I am reaching out. Her airfare is going to be around $300 and I'm guessing her health check will be between $50-60.


If anyone is willing to donate, even if it's just $1, it will help. Once we reach our goal we can ship her, hopefully that will be soon. :)


Here is the link to donate:




Thanks in advance for anyone reading this thread, or donating. It's much appreciated!



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Just an update:


Woo hoo! We are over $100 in donations!!


A really kind soul covered all the costs today and Maggie (formerly Dolly) was put on a plane for Alaska! The total costs were $300. I hope we're able to get enough donations to pay for all the costs.


Thank you to everyone who has donated. I know times are rough and the holidays are around the corner. Every little bit counts and Maggie is one happy camper! She came out of her shell after we left her former house. She gave sweet kisses to everyone she met. She is very special. Glad I'm not ready for another dog, or I'd have 3. :P


Thanks again!

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Hello all, another update!!


Maggie (formerly Dolly) made is safely to AK last night!! She was a little nervous and not sure what to think of snow. She met her new BC sister Bree at the airport. At home, they got a chance to play ball outside, which Maggie loved very much. She settled right in. She even beat Bree (fastest AK flyball dog) to the ball several times! I'm sure we'll see her on the flyball team sometime in the future. Congratulations Maggie, you sweet girl!


We are now up to almost $200 EDIT: (WE ARE AT $240, only $60 to go!!) in donations! The dog community has been gracious and it's very much appreciated! If you're still considering donating, click the link above. We're only $100 away from our goal :)


I can't help but add a few pics of her adventure thus far. ;)



Maggie at Air Cargo:



(She loves to snuggle by leaning on your legs :D )




Just got picked up from airport, getting ready to go to her new home. She has crazy eyes from the long flight! :P:lol:



And finally, at home with her new family!


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Her new dad just wrote:


"She is amazing and loving the freedom of toys, other dogs that will play with her, and chews!"


:) :) :) :) :) :)

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I got some pics from Maggie's new family.


Look who's smiling in all these photos!!





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Wonderful photos - she looks like a very happy, very fortunate dog - thanks to people like you!


That's sweet Sue :)


Well, Maggie is already getting her first flyball training sessions! She is oh so very happy in her new life!


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