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My 1 year old is very good at following commands and staying within my sight "off the leash". Whenever we call him he will respond immediately. However, when we take him places that require a leash at all times he wants to pull and tug. I have tried using the "no" command each time he tugs the leash and followed that with a gentle tug back. We enjoy taking him places with the family on a regular basis. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to help with the "leash training"?

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You should do most of your Obedience training around alot of distractions. Dogs will listen better at home where there is familiar surroundings. The real test of how well your BC listens is how he listens when another dog walks by or if a child runs in front of you while you are walking him. I notice a big big difference in my 7 month old male BC, when we both went to a Dog obedience class. The word "Heal" works much better than "no". The BC can learn a rather large vocabulary. My mom had her Border Collies obeying commands by both pronouncing or spelling out the command letter by letter.

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basic training usually starts of with heeling on leash. Is he used to the leash???

going on or off leash is not the same exercise for the dog; some even say heeling needs special training in different surroundings. i.e.: in the park, in the woods, streets,... .


Did you try just to let him tore back as long as he wants without giving him any possibility of resistance??? so if he pulls back you just go with him, whenever he takes one step forward then you praise him (maybe give him a treat)???

He soon will figure out the right behavior.

If he pulls then stop (let him somehow run into the leash, so that he feels more than just a stop, and then wait until he starts to focus on you, praise him if he starts to look at you; than make a turn right of left, or jaust walk on straight; repeatition is needed quite often; but only the good behavior is praised, bad or not wnated behavior you just ignore (no word, no anger, just behave as written).


have fun figuring out, but it work out fine, usually; and BC are not stupid;



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