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  1. We adopted our BC from a local shelter when he was only 6 months old. He had never had the freedom to "run" outside of a cage. To begin housebreaking him we laid a large section of newspapers down on the floor (tiled) and immediately set him on it. BCs are extremely smart and will usually respond quickly when praise is involved. We created "outside" times every morning, afternoon and evening. He was always carefully watched in order to make sure that he did something. If he was good during this "outside" time, we immediately praised him and gave him a small training biscuit. It only took approx. 3 weeks for him to realize the schedule and treats. Scrappy is now just over a year old and still goes out on the same schedule. Good Luck!
  2. My 1 year old is very good at following commands and staying within my sight "off the leash". Whenever we call him he will respond immediately. However, when we take him places that require a leash at all times he wants to pull and tug. I have tried using the "no" command each time he tugs the leash and followed that with a gentle tug back. We enjoy taking him places with the family on a regular basis. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to help with the "leash training"?
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