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training a border collie

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What is easy about training a BC is the intelligence and interest in life and games that they possess. What is hard is knowing when to NOT force an issue with them and create a huge problem and yet keeping balance in the training. It is a fine line between NOT insulting their intelligence and yet NOT expecting more than they are ready to give. This may apply to all breeds to a certain extent but it is MANDATORY with the BC JMO

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Sometimes these guys are too smart for those of us who are training our first dog! :>) My girl and I are now training in Utility and I've noticed that if my signal is slightly different, she'll look at me as if to say, "Well Mom, that looks sort of like my stand signal, but then again...." She definitely keeps me honest! Many folks say that BC's are born with their CD...They're not that easy...Just wonderfully different!

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