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Gláma is doing great.


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Some of you have been following my difficulties in starting my now two year old border collie Táta. I got a lot of help here, good advice, but I never got her "in gear". Showed her to an experienced handler here, went a couple of times, his comment: "skrýtin tík" (translation "weird bitch").


Last summer I here about a dog called Gláma, year old, hadn´t leard much beyond her name (and even that hardly). She has a very fine pedigree (and I mean serious stockwork).


Well, this is quite a different dog, I have been training her on sheep the last two months, using a group of five icelandic ewe´s at the moment that spend the summer free range (they are two year old). This young dog has almost made knee knockers out of them!

It was a really thrilling experience for me to see how this dog takes command over the stock (in shrill contrast to poor Táta...), after she understood I actually wanted her to work stock (previous owner had told her of for chasing sheep) .


Because of the fragility of Táta I erred strongly on the side of caution starting Gláma, last couple of weeks I am starting to (dare to) correct her stronger, and she responds wonderfully, probably could (should) have done that earlier, but I see improvement with each session.


If a dog does something wrong, traing doesn´t go as I´d like, I automatically assume I am the one doing something wrong*, but in this case I start to suspect that Táta sadly enough (she is a nice well behaved dog) isn´t stockwork material.

If I can find a good pet home for her she goes.


* Of course I did something wrong, I didn´t select the right breeder , and yes, I should have known better.

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