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Last night, I was asleep in bed, and my dog Buddy was downstairs asleep in the living room. The dog two doors down was barking: not loudly enough to wake Buddy, but obviously loudly enough for him to hear.


Every time the dog let out a bark, Buddy (asleep) howled like a wolf. I've never heard him do that before in six years.


I had an old shepherd-husky mix who did that, as well, just once in her 14-year life: howled a perfect wolf-howl from dreamland. Seems that, in dreams, dogs must travel back to their ancestral past.


I wish I could see what they're dreaming.



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My Nick doesn't need to dream! At a trial recently, people kept wondering what that crazy, keening, howling sound was. Oh, that would be my dog howling because I'm running the puppy... It's a bit embarrassing! Oddly enough, when my dogs were within hearing distance of real wolves ("domestic" ones in a sanctuary), Nick did not join in their howling. He does howl with coyotes, though!

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