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two-year-old pup advice

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Hey I am looking for advice from experienced handlers that have seen lots of dogs develop. I have a 5-day trial with a two-year-old border collie from a rescue. I am looking for a pet that I might be able to do agility or disc dog with.


This two-year-old pup is great in every way. He is friendly out going and does not seem to be skittish in any situations. As a matter of fact there is a thunder storm raging over head and he shows no signs at all of it bothering him.


The concern I have with him is that it seems like it will be hard to motivate him for training. He will chase a ball or a Frisbee in the backyard but gets board of it quickly, but since I have had him I have been able to stretch this time out some. He is not overly interested in food either. If I take him to the park he looses interest in the ball or a Frisbee altogether and the food becomes low on his priority list.


So I guess the question is, do you think that his toy or prey drive will continue to develop as he gets older and as he becomes more comfortable with his environment? Can I get him more interested in a ball then other dogs and squirrels? Right now when we go to a park (even one with no other dogs) I could not let him off the leash. Not even close! I think this dog would never be very reliable off leash much less at an agility or Frisbee competition



I certainly do not want a high energy dog that I have no way to exercise


Thanks for all your help

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