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Friend is seeking 1yr+ BC dog in Vancouver BC area

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Howdy all ~


This may seem like an odd request, but I'm acting on behalf of a friend. He lives in Vancouver, BC and just let me know that he is looking for a companion dog, a border collie. Here is what I can tell you.


Clif works in production for a TV show filming up there, so he's on set and driving a lot, but a few of the cast and crew bring their dogs with them and take every chance to play chuck-it and such. He would prefer a dog one year old or older, as he feels he would not have proper time to raise a puppy. If possible, he would like the dog to have some basic obedience training. Since he works amidst a film crew, the dog should be okay with strangers and with stuff going on around it, and it should get along with other dogs. He has no preference whether it's a male or female: he'd be happy with either.


Clif will NOT be doing any herding or formalized dog sports. This dog would just be his pal and buddy, and would go to work with him on set every day, as well as coming home during off-times. They have a young grandson who visits, but no children living in the house.


So ... can anyone help point me in a useful direction? Please forgive me if it sounds like I'm asking for the impossible!! I'm down here in Nevada, so I've no clue what border collie resources there may be in British Columbia or northern Washington State. Given his criteria, I'm thinking he'd have the best luck with a rescue dog, but mainly he just needs/wants a non-working pet. Can anyone advise? :)


Thanks in advance!


~ Gloria

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Yeah, we're based out of Vancouver, and we come up immediately on a google search :)


I have a one year old white and merle male that is smart as a box of hammers; he'd make a nice companion dog. Happy and bouncy, not intense at all. He currently lives with an animal wrangler for film and tv - maybe they already know one another. Tell your friend to have a look at the website.



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Thanks, everyone, for the links and replies. :)


Good Shepherd, I saw that little dog and he looks like a jewel. I'm just not sure how we'd get him from Iowa to British Columbia. My friend can drive to, say, Seattle, but Iowa is pretty much out of his way. ;) Thus I've passed on that one just due to the distance and logistics problems.


RDM, I just sent you a PM. I'm not seeing the merle boy you speak of, on the website, but he sounds great! Check your messages, when you get a chance, since it would be good to have a specific dog to start my friend's search with, and I'm good at overlooking what's right in front of me. :P


Thanks again, folks. I'm not on this branch of the forum often enough to keep track of who our rescue people/groups are.


~ Gloria

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