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VERY cool way to grab that line!!!!!!!!


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Okay, so this weekend's lesson wasn't one of our best efforts. Lucy decided downing was optional and so was coming off the sheep, in addition to being to head oriented. It did end up okay, thanks to my wonderful trainer.


Toward the end of the lesson we put the little bliter on a long line. Well, we asked her to stay there, and up she popped, heading for the sheep. Trainer puts the stick with rectangular foam rubber end down on the long line that is flying by, flicks his wrist, the line twists around the stick, catches on the foam rubber and BAM we have her. Some fancy handiwork there!



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When I first adopted Tate we would let him socialize with the other dogs training while he was on a 50ft clothesline however I'd call him and if he didn't respond I'd step on the line with both feet and back he magically came!


Have you worked with Kelpies and BC's or just Kelpies?

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