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Newbie to Border Collie Pup

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At the end of the month I'm getting a new Border Collie pup. What do you like to work on with the youngsters? When do you start training? We have light sheep.


I like having pups around me as much as possible. Include your pup in everything you do.

Give it a good working vocabulary. Teach the difference between good behaviour and bad behaviour so they have a conscience when they get to sheep. Good dog!! Bad dog!!! And good dog to stop being a bad dog.

Do not get them staring at you as obedience dogs are encouraged to do.

Teach it to lie down early on, as part of your play. If your youngster comes when its called and lies down when told, you will be ready to start when it look like work.

Never put him in position to be injured by sheep

Good that you have light sheep

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