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win a free DVD box set of the 2011 Finals!


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Hi, Everyone:


I`m running a contest to help promote the web cast of the 2011 Finals--two people will win DVD box sets of all the runs, preliminary round through double-lift finals. Details can be found at http://www.sheepdog.com/2011/09/win-a-dvd-box-set-of-the-2011-national-sheepdog-finals.html


If you`re interested in pre-ordering a DVD, go to http://sheepdogdvdstore.blogspot.com/ (if you order one and happen to win the contest, it`ll all be sorted out). Here are some important details about the DVDs:


1. DVDs are ten percent off up until the end of the Finals on September 18. After that, they can be ordered through early November. Once the ordering deadline has passed, they won`t be available again unless they show up on Ebay. So if you think you might want one, buy one! (I`ve gotten a lot of emails over the past year from people who really want to buy the 2010 DVDs, and are sorry and surprised to learn that they can`t.)


2. If you`ve purchased an unlimited web cast ticket, you`ll be offered a further discount on your DVD. So if you`ve bought such a ticket and want a DVD, do NOT order now. You`ll be sent an email after the web cast with a link for your discounted price.


And remember--you can register to watch the web cast (broadcast this coming weekend starting at 8:00 AM MDT) at http://www.sheepdogfinals.com/webcast.html


As always, please direct any questions you might have to me, and I`ll do my best to answer them. Happy contesting, and good luck to all!

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