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Clean Sweep at a seepdog trail

DeltaBluez Tess

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I am still on Cloud Nine. Tomorrow I will come down to earth but for now, I am so over the moon.


We ran a couple of weeks ago at a huge trial and my Open dogs fared poorly. Rainey went to the PN post with me for the second time and on tough range, valley lambs that took down close to 40% of the Open dogs on one day....well, she shone like a diamond. She handled them well and placed 11th out of 50 dogs on one run and then 10th out of 47 on the last round. I about fell over from the shock as she has been slow to mature and very tough to teach to drive. But she has s super biddable personality and a heart of gold. Her mom is Tess and her sire is Delmar Scot (my retired cattle and sheep dog now owned by Janet Thorpe)


But I wandered off the track.....disappointed in my runs, I looked at meself quite deeply to see what was wrong. I changed my style with Nan and Roo and went to a trial this weekene. Open and PN were run on Sat and Sunday. I entered roo and Nan in Open and rainey in PN.


The sheep were tough, light and cagey. Any threat from the dog and they would bolt. Nan and Roo, historically, have done not so well on these sheep. Rainey has never encountered sheep like this before.


Well, Nan won Open on Sat with 86 out of 100 points. Nan was the first dog up and wow, she really rocked it! Roo placed 7th, but that was a rerun and I never do well on reruns. Rainey won PN with 86 out of 90 points...she only lost 4 points!


On Sunday, they reversed the course. Nan was second and got 86 points and won the Open class again. Roo would have place around third ut he did a pull through that cost us dearly. Rainey ran like an Open dog and lost THREE points, for 87 out of 90 points.



Good God, Nan won Open for both days and Rainey won PN for both days. I have never done this before and the Open handlers have never seen this "Double Delight" before either!


The dogs ran very well and handled the sheep great. I am so happy and will continue to use the new style. For this brief moment in time, I am on Cloud Nine since it won't last long!


To see the full story go to my blog





oh yea, the dogs ate REALLY WELL on both nights and had bad gas in the trailer as a result! Tess went along for the ride and was the lap warmer.


Ignore the title typos!

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When I was running my dogs, I got into a "zone". I wasn't aware of any my surroundings. It was like a magical connection between me, dog and sheep...it was surreal.


I didn't know what the score was but when it was over, I loved/hugged my dogs on the field. We both got into the zone and it was the best feeling that I ever had.

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