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While it is less than a month until the 2011 National Sheepdog Finals near Carbondale CO, several dog and handler teams still remain unsponsored between the Open and the Nursery contestants. Sponsoring a team is one way you can show your support for the wonderful working Border Collie that is the basis for our shared admiration of all these dogs.


While a sponsorship costs $125, which is prohibitive for many of us these days, it is not hard to sponsor a team if five individuals (or some other number) get together and each chip in $25 or some other amount. People from these boards have sponsored two teams in this way, Bob Stephens and Pat (Bob was our "Ask the Expert" for quite some time prior to our current expert), and Robin French and Bill (Robin participates on these boards and did her sponsors proud in 2010, with both Bill and Zac making the semi-finals, and Bill doing well in the Final round).


Even if you don't sponsor a team you "know", your support still helps all the dogs and handlers that participate by providing much-needed funds for the Finals committee to put on a quality competition. This year's Finals look to be outstanding in a tradition of wonderful Finals.


If enough people are interested that another team can be sponsored, I would be willing to coordinate the sponsorship. Group sponsorships have already provided one for the Cattledog Finals and two for the Sheepdog Finals this year - with the economic slowdown, this has been the smallest number sponsored by members of these boards - we have had anywhere from four (matched by four more) to five in some prior years.


Please, if you can, show your support for the dog that made it all possible for what we enjoy with our dogs - the working Border Collie!

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Thanks, it's fixed, I knew it didn't look quite right but I am somewhat brain-dead this morning. I am hoping to have my brain (and body) back up and running by next weekend - if I am lucky! Just too many things for this old lady to do and think about all at once!

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Thank you so much, Linda! However, I don't think we are going to be able to swing another one unless a couple more people offer to help. If they do, it will be a go and I'll let you (both) know.

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