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A little deaf Aussie girl needs a lift...

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Please contact Hope Stewart (info at bottom) if you can help with this little girl's transport - not a Border Collie but a petite deaf Aussie girl who has a foster home waiting but needs transport! Permission granted to cross-post!


Daisy was supposed to have traveled last weekend but we could not fill the transport. She is currently being overnighted in Binghamton NY but she MUST be moved by Saturday.


All legs are flexible and we can even be flexible on times if it will help us fill it and get Daisy to her foster home.


If anyone is traveling on a weekday (yes - I'm grasping at straws) that might be heading to Canada - we could move her before Saturday (that would help the person holding her).


Passenger is:


1. Daisy - Daisy is a energetic, curious, friendly 1 yr old deaf aussie. She's smallish and busy. She might be a little timid at first in new environments but warms up quickly - very people focused. She can be picked up and handled with no issues but because she is deaf it's recommended a leash be kept on her and she be crated or tethered. Daisy is going to Burlington, Ontario


Crate recommended. Daisy will be traveling with her paperwork including a health certificate, a no-slip collar and a leash.


Daisy is an official ARPH dogs - originally moving from West Virginia to a Canadian foster home..


ARPH - Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline, Inc




Hope Stewart, Transport Coordinator



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I encourage the rescue to look into pilots n paws transport network. The have both pilot (and ground transport) volunteers that can likely cut this girls trip in half. I've flown deaf dogs numerous times to our rescue and find the shorter flights are much less stressful and generally safer for them. I don't have any contacts in that region but if they check the PNP website they can find contacts and a map of pilots, all they have do is post transport criteria and send out a couple pm's. The volunteers there are amazing and can usually supply references etc. From past transports. Sat is a short timeframe but if they crosspost now they should get at least a few responses/offers to help. Good luck!

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