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Short herding training video


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Apologies if this is posted in the wrong category,






Hopefully the above link will work.

If not, go to www.hobbyfarms.com/trainingdogvideo


I do not herd with my dog (although I would love to) so the herding education I have has come from this board.


I am interested in what you think about this video. My impression is that it might be of interest to someone who is curious about training a farm dog, but that it is too superficial for a person serious about learning how to train a herding dog. Basically, I view it as a bit of fluff - essentially magazine filler - but fairly innocuous?





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I didn't know Debbie Bailey had done a video for Hobby Farms. IMO the video is much too short to be more than the briefest of overviews, which is what it is. But I think it has some value in that she stresses teaching the dog from puppyhood on to follow commands, look to the handler for direction, etc., so hopefully a person thinking about farm dogs will think about early training.


Some of the photos included in the video made no sense in the context of the video (e.g, the aussie apparently taking a treat, or seeking a treat, from the handler's hand).


So, yeah, I agree that it's innocuous filler, but at least the small bit of information provided is sound.



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