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Border Collies and Poultry?

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Hello, my name is Sheryl and I am a stay-at-home-mom of two in Kansas. We live in the country and have about 100 chickens, plus turkeys,ducks and guineas. We are considering getting a Border Collie and are looking for advice from other owners on how welll they do w/ poultry. Any tips or advice would be appriciated!


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Are you interested in herding the poulty or just interested in how a border collie will act around poultry in general?


I have everything but the guineas - all free range. But I don't have nearly the number of birds you do (~ 2 dozen ducks, 18 chickens, 1 turkey, geese, swans). We live by a fairly busy country road and I use my dogs to move the poulty away from the road. I also use them to help me catch injured birds and to move the poutry into the barn (when necessary). IOW, I find the dogs useful in managing my small flock(s).


But -- quite a few people on the list have problems with their dogs chasing/killing poultry, so unless you're willing to take the time choosing and training a dog, you may be disappointed.



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IThere was a call duck sitting on a nest of 10 eggs in a duck fenced area. Yesterday I took the dogs to the pasture for a hike, and when I came back, one that had been ahead had killed and started to eat the duck that flew over the fence. With chickens and ducks, anything can trigger them to catch.


A few years ago, I sold a year old border collie to a farm with free range chickens. She was dependable here, and stayed safe for their chickens.


Your odds are about 5% that a dog could be depended on to leave the birds alone. If you choose a dog, remember what could happen, and know what would be your plans should the dog be a bird happy natural. Big fences.

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