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Gláma rescued...

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Well, the deed is done, I took Gláma home last wednesday.

She´s a female border collie, smooth haired, longish body, classic black/white. The name refers to some white spot on the face, given to both horses and dogs (which means it could apply to almost any border collie :lol: ) About one year old, and has received very little training, meaning she just about knows her name and the "sit" command, and not much else...


She has got a pretty good pedigree, her grandma on her mother´s side has won the icelandic national trial championship (do not take that too seriously, the country is tiny), her grandfather on father side is a dog I have seen working on a trial her up north and liked really well (great outrun, good sheep sense).


This is kind of a rescue, owner was thinking about putting her down.

Story behind it was he had given the dog to an emplyee on the farm who was supposed to take her home to Greenland, but ran into trouble (alledgely difficult importing dogs to that country). So Gláma was left behind on a farm with already too many dogs to handle, and an owner with health issues.

Here in Iceland there is no infrastructure for unwanted dogs, beside putting up a "dog for free" ad in the papers. This means the fate of such dogs is usually to be PTS.


When they heard I was thinking about adding a bc to the pack, the farmer contacted me and was very relieved he could "get rid of her".


She passed the first tests with flying colors; she met my dogs, and though all parties involved are still cautious, no fighting ensued (some snarly faces of course), so that´s encouraging.

She is very sweet in general, easy to walk on a leash (comfortable as I have still to try out and problably teach a recall). Makes the impression she "aims to please".


Of course the real test comes when she will be introduced to some sheep, but that won´t be untill after we have a more or less reliable recall and down/stop on her.

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Gláma is a lucky dog to have landed with you! Best wishes for good success when training starts. Any possibility you could post a picture or three? :lol:

Yes, Gláma has landed well. Thanks for taking care of her. Now you've tickled people interest, you'll have to post some photos.

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