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Still trying to figure out my new rescue dog, and I do admit to not knowing much about BC's but I have been reading lots. He is getting a bit more confident and stays with me walking in the woods without a leash, he actually stays within 2-4 feet of me at all times. When I stop, he sit at my feet and waits.Not bad since I have only had him two weeks!On the road, however, I have to leash him, as he wants to go home ( it is a quiet rural road, hardly any cars). At home he doesn't wander, he just sleeps on the front step on his new doggy bed.

My mom has a pug and my mother in law has a foofy lap dog with a french name I can't spell, and Bobby snaps the air very close to them when they come near him. I have a small "mutt" but Bobby and my dog ( Min.poodle/Chiu/Pom X) just rub along. My dog isn't in your face, but the other two are hyperactive. My question is : Is Bobby going to bite those two annoying dogs or is he just getting them to keep thier distance?

I don't know what Bobby's background is, what his training is. Any thoughts?

I really like this dog!

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Is he nipping at their heels, or does he direct these snaps elsewhere?


My BC, Violet, will mouth at and sometimes actually take another animal's ankle in her mouth in an effort to herd them where she wants them to go. She does it to my hyper little dogs, my cats, my husband . . . :rolleyes:


or it may just be that Bobby thinks the pug and the other dog - Bichon Frise, by any chance? - are annoying and is warning them away.

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