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He really is a wonderful dog!

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I thought is was time to let everyone who has been so helpful with advice for Buster, to let you all know that in spite of his SA, he is a wonderful dog! He has all of the positive aspects of a pet BC you could possibly want, obedient, willing, friendly, and very laid back. This past weekend we were up at our land in NE PA and my husband took the dogs out for an early morning walk. Romana, the Pyr/GSD took off after something, not to be called back by my husband. Buster hears my husband calling, but he is stuck in a bramble thicket and can't get out. He was trying so hard to come to my husband, but he was really stuck. When he finally freed himself, he stuck himself to my husband - see, I am the good dog that comes when called, even if you are calling the other dog! My husband came and got me out of bed and I went out to find the wayward lady. She had returned almost to where she had taken off from, and when she heard me call, she came to me. Buster got extra brownie points with my husband, and Romana lost her offleash privledges with him until she starts to listen to him more reliably.


I can really appreciate what everyone sees in Border Collies, they are beautiful and extremely intelligent, and a lot of fun. I don't know that I would get another one after the extra challenges that Buster has presented, but I do enjoy him enormously! If I were 20 years younger I think it would be a different story.

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