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Switching from voice to whistle commands...

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I've been practicing my whistle on my way to and from work every day and soon I'll want to start training Cerb with it. He knows and executes voice commands well but I worry about confusing him by throwing a whistle into the mix. He's learning to come to the whistle (easy) but I'd like to mix in other stuff like down at a distance, go left, go right, stop, etc. There are some commands that he anticipates so I think those might be easy but others, not so much. Any tips?

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The one thing I understand is that to train a whistle, give the whistle followed by the verbal. That way, when the dog hears the whistle, he/she will anticipate the verbal and respond appropriately.


And, of course, use whistle commands (just like verbal commands) that start with distinctive, different notes - the initial response is the important one and so you don't want confusion with the first note(s).


Best wishes!

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