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Introducing NEW PUPPY to Resident BC...

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Hello All!

We are picking up our new puppy on Sunday. I just want to make SURE we introduce her properly to our 3 year old Male Border Collie (neutered). He does love to play w/other dogs, but has never had another dog live in the house with us.

We have another crate for the pup, and put it in Doc's 'room', but across the room from him to ensure he still feels like he has 'his' space. He is not crated very much anymore, but when we are both gone during the day-he does go in his 'house'.

The pup (Kate) is an 8 week old Australian Shepard (red-tri w/minimal white). Not a BC, but she sure is CUTE!

Also, regarding 'his' toys, should I put them up at first? He does try to get the cats to play with his toys w/him-BUT they aren't interested!

I just want to make SURE Doc and 'Kate' get off on the right foot, and more importantly that WE do everything right to help them along in that aspect! I'm sure there will be some grumping and have what from Doc, which I presume will be normal since he's always been an 'only child'.

THANKS for your help!!!!


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Sounds like you are on the right track! We have a now-month-old Aussie among our 3 BCs, and the thing we had to make sure of is that she respected the BCs' space. Aussies often seem to be more forward and boisterous, which can annoy a BC. So just make sure Doc has places to go where he's "safe" from her, and don't let her pester him for play, if he wants her to keep a distance.


As for toys, I'd mainly say make sure there are enough toys that there's no conflict. Watch that she doesn't accidentally get in trouble going after a toy he wants, and distract her with a toy of her own. Or vice versa.


He sounds like a happy boy, though, so I'd say issues of respect, space and privacy between them are the main things I'd watch out for. Our girl now is best pals with my two young dogs, and the old curmudgeon has taught her "society manners," so it all worked out great. :) Have fun!

Cheers ~



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