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im new.

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That depends on your sister and the dog and how the dog is raised.


Look for a dog from a working breeder or go through rescue. Personally I don't advocate supporting breeders who breed for sports or colours or showing as these dogs are often bred for other things than what a BC SHOULD be bred for and are often quite different from working bred dogs (not in a good way either). Scan these boards and you will find lots of good thoughts on Border Collies


Good luck

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What kind of information is your sister looking for? There are all kinds of websites with general information available.


Does she have specific questions about doing Agility with a Border Collie? Will this be her first Agility dog? What are her goals? Is she drawn to the Border Collie, or is she interested because they are known to be good at Agility?


That kind of info will help people here give you the exact information you are looking for.

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The main point I would like to address is that Border Collies are not "automatic push-button" agility dogs like many people (especially people new to agility) tend to think. I know it's common to go to trials and see all the super fast, high drive BC that make it look so easy, but a LOT of work goes into that. And not all BC are super fast and high drive.


Just thought I'd clear up that common misconception. :P Many people think having a BC will make agility easy and that they will win all the time. Not so much, unless you are willing to put in the work (same as with any dog, really!).

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