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We've been gone for so long!

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Sorry guys, I haven't been around in ages. Not sure if any of you eve remember me.


The last time I was on this forum I would have had my Border Collie, Psyche, my German Shepherd, Bella, and my Mini Aussie, Zoey.


Things are still mostly the same, except for I lost Bella September 17th, 2010. She had had some mental issues (random acts of aggression towards other dogs (outside of our pack) first, and then two years ago they started towards our pack, and after nearly killing two of our dogs three times (and rehoming the first one, thinking it was only an issue with that one dog)) we talked to vets and they told us that there wasn't much more we could do, short of drugging her and keeping her in a zombie like state all the time, so I made the very tough choice to put my heart dog to sleep. I miss Bella every single day, but thank god I've had Psyche. She's been my life saver.


As for my Psycherdoo, she's doing great. She's competing in agility and helping out around the farm with the sheep (though no the conventional way - as of now it's more of a being around me, and listening with sheep around). She has stuck through my side through all of my mood swings and depression since losing Bella, and I'm so grateful to her for that. She's an amazing dog.


And Little Zoey... well, Zoey got the brute of Bella's last outburst of aggression, so we're taking it slow. When Bella attacked her she did a lot of damage. A lot of torn up skin in her neck, belly, and one back leg. She was lame for a month or two and is just now putting weight on it normal again, but there's still something funny about her stride. She seems like she can't extend one leg back as far as the other and we figure it's because there was torn muscle that grew back just a little shorter. Because of this we've cut back on her agility and she's just enjoying being spoiled.


Anyway, an updated picture of each:


Psyche with my shark hat on.


Zoey sassing!


And Bella and I on our last day together.


So, there's the general update. :) I'm going to try and stick around this time, honest.

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I rely on seeing her at the bridge again some day. She's my heart dog, and always will be. I miss her so much every single day, but Psyche has been a real life saver. I'd say she's second in line for my heart dog.


I love the hat picture too, I was really happy with not only that she'd wear it to let me snap a picture, but also elated with the quality of it too. :)

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