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4 mo. old pup showing aggression


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I have had jill since she was 7 weeks old, she is now 4 months old, and just the last few days she has been showing alot of aggression towards my other dogs and even me!! she used to be timid with out a lick of aggression, as i say in the last week she has become very possesive of her food dish i understand that dogs can be like this but i walked past her and she stared me down, and started to growl, this was the first episode, it never really disturbed me until i went to put her in her crate later that day, during our dinner and she growled at me again, she hasnt bitten me or followed through with anything else YET!! what should i do, how do i disipline her?? is this just a part of her puppyhood or should i be alarmed?? PLEASE HELP!!!

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