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Firstly, this is Scott Jones and not Heather writing this, i am the developer working on fixing the skin for you.


After looking into the problems reported by users using IE7-8, i had a good look at both browsers and seem to have found the problem with conflicting JavaScript. All IE related problems should now be fixed and your browser experiences should be back to normal.


However the conflict was with the Drop Down menu effect on the top of the main menu above, i had to disable the drop down effect to ensure there was no more conflicts. If all the problems have been solved then it will most likely stay disabled as there is no fix i can possibly do with that. So i hope that is not a problem, if there problems are still present then feel free to post them below.




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And now this *is* Heather--thanks, Scott. This means that you'll have access to the top-level menu options from the Boards (e.g, BC Basics, BC Training, etc.) but not to the individual articles beneath those top levels. The menus on the rest of the site will be unaffected. This seems like a perfectly good solution to me, and I hope it does to you all as well. Thanks!

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