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reintroducing myself

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Hi all my name is Crystal ,i joined 2 years ago when i got my bc pups duke and durza well shortly after i did i got a divorce and ex kept my pups ,well 2 years later and i have 2 more lol and an aussie . grace a 1 year old smoth haired border collie and one heck of a herder she just needs work,she came with our house lol and ,rambo a male bc pup he is 4 months old and redman a hangin tree aussie also my 4 months old,then there is a couple just pets around but no more border collies though . i have 3 wonderful daughters isabella ,lilly and ireland(rip sweet baby girl) a donkey named jack (go figure lol) looking to get some ducks and sheep and chickens it is a small hobby farm. my fiance is a truck driver and about to go back on the road so it will be me mainly working with them ,cant wait to be active in the board and learn all i can . i will post pics asap my cam isnt working at the moment. well thanks for your time. oh and we are in north alabama. in the pic is my smooth border collie grace and peeking in the window is redman our aussiepost-9757-074449100 1287948236_thumb.jpg

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