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  1. Hi all my name is Crystal ,i joined 2 years ago when i got my bc pups duke and durza well shortly after i did i got a divorce and ex kept my pups ,well 2 years later and i have 2 more lol and an aussie . grace a 1 year old smoth haired border collie and one heck of a herder she just needs work,she came with our house lol and ,rambo a male bc pup he is 4 months old and redman a hangin tree aussie also my 4 months old,then there is a couple just pets around but no more border collies though . i have 3 wonderful daughters isabella ,lilly and ireland(rip sweet baby girl) a donkey named jack (go figure lol) looking to get some ducks and sheep and chickens it is a small hobby farm. my fiance is a truck driver and about to go back on the road so it will be me mainly working with them ,cant wait to be active in the board and learn all i can . i will post pics asap my cam isnt working at the moment. well thanks for your time. oh and we are in north alabama. in the pic is my smooth border collie grace and peeking in the window is redman our aussie
  2. another not an answer but a question for you,im still new to border collies i mean ive owned them before but you said the duck was for your dog? what do yu feed your dogs? i was looking into the alternate diets for mine and that interested me
  3. heres some sights that helped me alot http://rawfed.com/myths/expensive.html http://www.howtodothings.com/pets-animals/...d-diet-for-dogs http://www.rawmeatybones.com/faq.php http://www.rawmeatybones.com/diet/exp-diet-guide.pdf http://rawfed.com/myths/preymodel.html hope they help ps feed a pup 4 to 5% of their body wieght is what i was told to do . that was my friend who has been feeding raw for years reply
  4. Lavender hydrosol works amazingly ,just coat them in it and let the go http://www.expertvillage.com/video/165665_...repel-fleas.htm hope this helps
  5. oh yes lots. i wish we could have had them today as pretty as it was/is
  6. well we finally decided on a name for the 2 pups. duke and zira. we should get them monday i hope if all goes as planned . so what u think?
  7. i know they have or atleast had a class for herding you could call and see if they still do it http://www.paradisepetcarecenter.com/
  8. thank you ,oh and dont worry i will most deff. post pics of the pups.
  9. how sweet i want a lamb so baddly . i dont know of but maybe 4 places here that even has sheep
  10. hi im crystal, a newbie ive been here about 3 days i believe. lol . i have learned alot. my husband grew up with blue heelers and border collie ,i on the other hand grew up with aussies. so i do not know as much as i would like about the bcs.he on the other hand does.we had dutches(rip) for almost a year until someone poisoned her (or so we believe)she was such a sweet pup.Im so excited we go to pick up our new pups this week sometime. their dad is from scottland and he is an awesome herder. we are getting a lil male and female pup we are naming the male duke and the female prob. durza havent decided yet. i have 2 wonderful daughters (irish twins) under 2. isabella who is 15 months and iliana aka lilly who is 4 months. i have no pics of the pups yet so here is my girls. oh and we own a small cattle farm in north alabama heres lilly and heres isabella and my father in law just isa one more of lilly
  11. hi im also a newbie been here about 3 days i believe lol i have learned alot. my husband gre up with blue heelers and border collie ,me with aussies. so i do not know as much as i ould like about the breed.he on the other hand does.we had dutches(rip) for almost a year until someone poisoned her (or so we believe)she was such a sweet pup.
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