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I've had Ginger, a 10 year old jennet, for two months now. She was working great. No coyote losses since her arrival. She was protective of the sheep and gathered them up at any sign of trouble. She lived with a horse, four other donkeys, and a big Suffolk ewe before I got her. I saw the ewe myself.


Yesterday, Ginger killed a ewe out the pasture and injured five other small sheep. This was not a coyote kill. Wool was pulled all over the body but the skin not broken. Head had teeth kicked out. No gutting.


Still not believing this could be true, I let sheep and donkey out into field together an hour ago. Ginger immediately started running the sheep, singled one out, knocked it down, and stood over it. Allowed a friend to rescue the little ewe without an issue, then started running the sheep again going after another one.


So Ginger is going down the road; however, I would like a reliable guard donkey. If you have one available, pm me, please. I'm in southern Mississippi.



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Sorry to hear of the sudden change. I know your not asking advice but I just had a thought, would it be worth picking up a equine partner for her? Maybe a mini or a pony? If she was doing a good job it may be that she just needs her own type of company and will be back to normal. I understand you may not want to risk it, but I have noticed that we can not put one horse out with our sheep or calves, a pair is fine, but one seems to get into harrassment mode and I worry about them injuring the livestock and have seen them come close to it before I pulled the plug and seperated them.

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Bummer!!!! Dunno--I have a friend who has had a guardian donkey for years, and it's done fine (alone). My mare is also solo with all my sheep, and she really does protect them. What a weird thing! Sorry!!


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We use donkeys to protect our sheep and have never had any problems. You might think about acquiring a gelding - they are even-tempered for the most part.


Interesting pictures:




Here is what the American Donkey and Mule Society had to say about the pictures:



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