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One Man's Opinion by Colin Gordon

Jeanne Joy

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I am reading One Man's Opinion by Colin Gordon. The author's life with sheepdogs is fascinating - especially the part about the dangers of grazing sheep on the salt marshes in South Wales. Anyone interested in sheepdogs and sheepdog trials will enjoy it.


You can find it at Francis Raley's Dog House: http://www.francisraley.com/books.html

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Sheep ranching on the western range is so different than running sheep on a Peninsula five miles wide that sticks out twelve miles into the ocean. Rather than worrying about predators like coyotes and bears he has to be aware of the tides governed by waxing and waning of the moon to determine how long he can leave his flock grazing on the salt marsh. The tide rolls in every 12 hours according to the lunar cycle. Sheep can be left out to graze when the tide is low during the ebbing moon. The tide is highest when the moon is full. Sheep must be gathered before it rolls in, otherwise they will drown.

Austin Bennett includes the story in his interview with Colin Gordon in his book One Man's Way which is equally as interesting.

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