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Barking at the horses

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Quinn turned 4 months old a few days ago, I'm very happy with her, she's smart as a whip, really willing and trying and loves learning. She's taking everything in her stride, meeting lots of people and dogs, getting out in crowded area's and not being bothered.


Just one thing I want to deal with before it becomes an issue. She tends to bark at the horses, she's been frightened of them since the first day she came home. Just because they are big and like to come right up the back gate and stick their heads over for attention. But they can be just walking past and she will start barking at them from the verandah. Its not an agro bark , its more that she's nervous and doesn't know how to deal with it.


None of the other dogs react to them at all, the horses don't react. I don't know wheather I should just ignore her and let her work it out on her own or not? A couple of times when she's seen them cantering around she's looked to interested for my liking, the last thing we need is a horse chaser considering how good all the other dogs are.


I have taken her out on leash with lots of treats/praise and games when in the general vicinity of the horses, should I just up this?


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