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  1. Buster is more relaible offleash than on, i think its because he knows I've got hold of him when he's on.
  2. Quinn turned 4 months old a few days ago, I'm very happy with her, she's smart as a whip, really willing and trying and loves learning. She's taking everything in her stride, meeting lots of people and dogs, getting out in crowded area's and not being bothered. Just one thing I want to deal with before it becomes an issue. She tends to bark at the horses, she's been frightened of them since the first day she came home. Just because they are big and like to come right up the back gate and stick their heads over for attention. But they can be just walking past and she will start barking at
  3. She's just a farm bred girl. I was even starting to look at breeders in NZ but she popped up and she was exactly what I was looking for. Both her ears are up now and pretty determined to stay there, although one has decided to point in too far for the time being. She's 4 months old soon, really need to get some more pics.
  4. I'm glad you guys think she's cute to. I always thought I wanted a rough coat until I got her, now I'm so glad she's a smoothie.
  5. Hi, I've lurked on the boards for a couple of years now and am finally the owner of my own BC so thought I should start posting. Introducing Quinn, the girl I intend to have a go at everything with. So far she's been a dream... or a terror. She's taught me lots already, especially how to function on very little sleep and to make sure I drag myself out for some entertainment in the morning. She is about 3.5 months now. Here she is with my other dog Buster. He's probably cattle dog/kelpie/BC and a few other things, we found him in a car park when he was a puppy, he turns 8 in January.
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